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All New Daihatsu Sirion model

Detail All-New Daihatsu Sirion Model

Added : 6th July 2011
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Description About All-New Daihatsu Sirion Model

all new daihatsu sirion-interior

All-New Daihatsu Sirion Model. In general, it’s All-New Daihatsu Sirion there is no different than the predecessor generation, it’s just details like the chrome grille and bumper dipermewah exposed to the touch, so it looks more elegant but sporty, also design the new headlights and fog lamp with a strong curve.

The rear, the most obvious changes in lamp design. Becoming longer and slender, and slightly curved ramps. Dimensions are also slightly higher than the old Sirion, but leaner, so the compact feel of this car can still be carried.

Likewise innards cabin also changed drastically, with new dashboard design, and panel-style speedometer illumination. Head Unit is also a fully equipped 6-inch monitor and motives surrounding carbon.

While the affairs of the machine, if the previously rumored to be using a 1.5-liter engine, Daihatsu prefer a machine that is also compact in capacity, ie, K3-VE engine 1.3-liter twin-cam DVVT, offers 90 hp power and 117 Nm of torque.

All New Daihatsu Sirion model

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